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Harison Truck Driving School is a full-service truck driving school in Brampton that can help you become a professional truck driver. Our trained instructors will teach you everything you need to know to pass your CDL exam and what it takes to be a safe and skilled driver.

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Harison Truxcool Inc registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. Harison Truxcool Inc. gives you the flexibility to create your own schedule. Our Brampton truck driving training programs are designed to provide the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to pass all required tests and certifications and to launch you on a successful career in the dynamic transportation industry. 

We are here to help you start your Commercial Truck Driving career in Brampton and change your life!!  Careers in the trucking and transport industry can be very rewarding and the demand for qualified drivers has never been greater.

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Harison Truck Driving School
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What is included ?

We Cover Every Challenge In Training Of Heavy Vehicle


All new drivers attempting the Class A Road Test will have to successfully complete the mandatory entry-level training course before attempting their Class A Road Test. 

Class AZ holders are qualified to drive a tractor-trailer or combination of a motor vehicle and towed vehicles where the towed vehicles exceed a total gross weight of 4,600  kilograms. 

Class A license holders may also drive vehicles in Classes D, G, and A with condition (R). During the course of our training, students will learn the skills required for a career as an AZ Commercial Driver. 

Our program covers the laws and procedures that regulate the trucking industry. Upon completion of this program, our students are left with multiple outcomes which include:

MTO Class A Driver’s License 
MTO  Air Brake (Z) Endorsement 

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We Create Skills Inside Individuals

So come and learn to drive from the professionals, the skills, knowledge, and attitude you acquire at harison truck driving school will stay with you for years to come!!!

Awareness about the misshappening and alerts

We have complete guiding topics which keeps you updated about the checklist to complete before every drive.

A Trusted Brand working since long

We are the trusted name in the training field of heavy vehicles while serving more then thousands of students.

Personalized support that fits into your life.

Only a good friend or best teacher can teach in the best way possible, with friendly behaviour. Our all staff is friendly at every moment.

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